Good Health tips – Warm up Cold feet

To warm up cold feet, sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper into your socks. This folk remedy may help warm your toes by increasing circulation and improving blood flow.
What to Look For In Cayenne Pepper Powder
All cayenne is good for you but there is one thing to look for (other than freshness, of course) that I recommend. This recommendation is something I’ve heard from those herbalists and others for years. Look for the beautiful orange-red cayenne. Why?

The bright orangish-colored cayenne powder is indicative of a high degree of beta carotene or vitamin A.
That’s not to say that darker colored cayenne is bad for you. It isn’t — not at all. It’s simply not as flushed with beta carotene or Vitamin A as the bright orange cayenne.
In truth, the beta carotene or vitamin A is a much-needed nutrient to the human organism. Notice the two different cayenne pepper powders on this page here:

Notice how one is a beautiful orangish-red color with the coloring about 80% to 90% orange-colored and the other one with a beautiful burgundy color. Both are wonderfully healthy for you. In my refrigerator right now, I have both. One is 90k SHU and the other 50k SHU, the orange and burgundy ones respectively.

I like the orange-colored cayenne as it is teeming with a high degree of beta carotene or Vitamin A. The other still has beta carotene but not as much.

Common grocery store cayenne powder tends to be brownish red. Good health food store, or herbal wholesaler cayenne powder, tends to have vibrant reddish burgundy and orangish red like you see above.

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