Healthy Teeth & Gums Use Redmond Clay Toothpaste

Blog_Toothpaste_Ingredients-300x250 Redmond_toothpaste_peppermintI’m passionate about using products that help rather than add more toxins to the body. When I attended the Longevity conference in 2011 I was moved by the Lecture Nadine Artemis gave on natural tooth care. When I came back I experimented with making my own toothpaste from Bentonite clay, coconut oil, rose water, essential oils and other ingredients.

To be honest it worked really well but it was a messy protect to make, very time consuming and I only made it for close friends and family. Then on a trip to Jimbo’s (a local health food store) I found Redmond Clay toothpaste and it was on sale for just $4.49! There are several flavors to chose from, I like the peppermint.

I love this toothpaste, great consistency, flavor and it’s even useful for other things other than just teeth. I had a mosquito bite and put a bit of this on and voila…it stopped the itching and was healed the next day completely. Try it you’ll love it too!

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