Holistic Rejuvenation – How to look younger naturally

Getting older chronologically doesn’t mean we want to look “old” and seeing skin that droops on our faces can be really depressing. Plastic surgery isn’t something to be taken lightly. Any operation can have health repercussions, and there is also the possibility of it making you look worse than you did before the surgery. (Donatella Versace’s plastic surgery )

I definitely didn’t feel my age and was searching for a natural way to safely tighten up my facial skin that lost tone and elasticity.

Enter facial and body massage cupping. Cupping is an old healing technique, applied in Traditional Chinese medicine and many other cultures. It encourages the body`s self-healing abilities. The medi-cupping machine I´ve been using with astonishing results . It´s a combination of mild cupping (no bruises, no red spots or anything) and vacuum-massage (as used successfully for cellulite treatments). It´s safe to use on face and décolletage. Even around the eyes. I am very sensitive and have found the vacuum therapies and gives excellent results of glowing healthy skin. It´s like a work-out for facial muscles. When you start exercising you can see results on your body: better contouring, straightening and so on. Likewise cupping provides a visible lifting effect on your face. And it enhances circulation, skin cells are nourished from within, the hydration level increases.


Cupping massage also helps to detoxify the skin and body with lymphatic drainage. (be sure to drink at least a quart of water after your treatments to flush out dislodged toxins. I will be writing more about the benefits of cupping in subsequent posts. Please like me on Facebook. Mahalo!

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