Is your skin care making you sick?


I wanted to discuss toxins that be in your skin care and why   Pavita skin care is an excellent choice in your skin care.The skin is the largest organ of the body chemicals can be absorbed into the body from skin care. The next article will go in depth on this topic.

I just got an interesting article from Dr. Mercola MD who is an osteopathic physician who believes that proper nutrition, not medicine, is the key to good health. He uses natural medicine to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. He offer you practical health solutions without the hype and  proper nutrition.

In the short video link,  Dr. Mercola talks about people who are careful about what foods they put into their body, yet use skin care that is full of toxins.

“Currently, there are estimated to be more than 10,500 cosmetic and personal care products on the North American market. Of those products, the Environmental Working Group estimates that 99% of the products contain one or more ingredients that have never been evaluated for safety.”

 “Even more appalling than that is the amount of chemicals you place on your skin every year. Women who use makeup daily absorb, on average, 5 pounds each year.”


I’m very careful about the botanical ingredients I chose for Pavita.  In sourcing ingredients, I discovered,  SOME   botanical ingredient are preserved with parabens or phenoxyethanol –> link )

So, your skin care ” may” contain dangerous  ingredients  not mentioned in the ingredient list. Similar to Chinese food with “no added MSG” may contain MSG .

Pavita skin care will NEVER contain hidden toxic chemicals.

germs_ cream_jar

Another factor to consider is that when you  purchase creams in jars, the  manufactures must use large amounts of preservatives  so nothing nasty grows in them.  Fingers or spatulas that dip into them aren’t sterile . Along with bacteria from fingers, airborne micro-organisms can settle into an open jar. If you have the beginning of a blemish or a nick from shaving, you have a means of that bacteria getting into your system.


Therefore,  creams  in jars, need strong ingredients to prevent the cream from developing mold or germs.

Preventing contamination  is why Pavita products are packaged in airless jars, bottles of pumps, or powders you activate by adding your choice of liquid.

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