Why I use Airless jars + Black Glass for Maui Bliss Skin Care

The benefits of using a refillable airless pump jar include:

  1. Increased product lifespan: The lack of air exposure prevents oxidation and degradation of the product, preserving its efficacy and shelf life.
  2. Precise dispensing: The airless pump mechanism allows for precise dispensing of the product, reducing waste and ensuring consistent dosing.
  3. Hygienic: The sealed container prevents contamination and bacterial growth, making it a hygienic option for storing and dispensing skincare products.
  4. 100% BPA free
  5. Silver ion coatingis used on cosmetic jars to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and extend the shelf life of cosmetic

Research makes it clear that many of the best ingredients for skin-including antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients (such as Vitamin C) - break down in the presence of air.


Essentially, opening a jar* lets air in, causing these important ingredients to begin deteriorating, becoming less effective with each use.


There is also the hygiene issue: every time you dip your fingers into the jar, you contaminate the formula, even if you wash your hands 1st or use the “special” spatula that accompanies some jar packaged products.

(I do include a spatula with my trial sizes; however, they are meant to be used within a few days)


It’s simply impossible to keep the tools and your fingers completely clean. This hygiene issue stresses the preservative system, leading to further deterioration of the beneficial ingredients.

(because of this issue, companies using jars add high amounts of preservatives, usually Phenoxyethanol, which you will never find in Maui Bliss Skin Care)

By dipping your fingers in and out of a jar every day does increase the risk of bacterial growth—and you could be transferring some of these bacteria to your skin.  Even with using a spatula, they aren’t sterile especially if you double dip.


Rashes, acne and infections are all possible results. “This sort of thing was first noticed in eczema patients who regularly apply cream to their skin," says Dermatologist Dr Mayou, “It became apparent that they were constantly reinfecting themselves.” What’s more, a bacteria-laden product can also be less effective.


  1. Ingredients Can Oxidize Faster

Jars encourage ingredients to oxidize (go rancid) faster because they expose the formula to air and light with each use. At best, a product with oxidized ingredients will simply be less effective. At worst, it may actually be bad for your skin by generating aging free radicals.

Many manufacturers have also increased the amount of preservative when using jars to try to prevent bacteria growth.

While preservatives are still needed for creams and serums, Airless jars allow me to use less of the ones I use that are natural and actually good for your skin.


Smart skin care packaging is a cornerstone of Maui Bliss Skin Care.

My products are packaged in airless jars and black opaque bottles with air-restrictive openings, to make sure my complex formulas stay as potent and effective as possible.


Please store your products in a cool area. Due to the fresh, natural ingredients, I recommend that you use your products upon receipt for greatest freshness and efficacy


Opaque Black glass is very good at being UV-proof.

It performs even better than the dark violet glass which is well known as UV bio-photonic Miron glass.

Violet glass can reflect the visible light but not the UVA and infrared radiation, while the opaque black glass can reject the harmful UVA, that is quite important to the skin care and cosmetic products.

As you all know that the harmful sunlight like UVA is the main reason to the biological aging, so the less UVA is taken in, the longer the ingredients will keep fresh. When you consider this point, the opaque black glass becomes a better choice for storing the substances that oxidize easily.


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