Massage Cupping


Body Cupping

Will ease and detangle knotted and tired muscles and help to lull a busy mind, making it a wonderful treatment to have when life just gets a bit much.

Stationary cupping CAN leave marks but these marks aren’t bruises, nor painful-they’re toxins + cellular debris being brought to the surface.


Moving cupping
and feels good

  • gentle way break up adhesions, treat edema
  • release toxins, tight muscle pain,
  • relax the nervous system
  • increase circulation, and feel better.
  • Your skin will have a rosy glow with NO MARKS.
  • Continued improvement for 3+ days after

My medi-cupping machine can give the lightest lymph drainage treatments for delicate constitutions.

Stronger settings are used when needed.

A massage technique that has become popular is manual lymphatic drainage. Gentle suction in rhythmic movements stimulates lymph flow and encourage drainage when there’s been an abnormal buildup of fluids. This can be done any part of the body and is Suitable for elderly frail skin and facial treatments.

Adhesions, can form as the body tries to heal after a surgery or injury. When skin touches down to muscle, it can stick like superglue instead of being able to be mobile, Cupping Massage can break up those adhesions and help maintain, and in most situations, regain, mobility.

Why do people get Cupping massage?

As well as improving physical symptoms, some people say that having a cupping massage:

  • Feels great & relieves chronic pain quickly
  • 5 min. of cupping = 30 min deep tissue massage
  • helps them to relax and sleep soundly
  • helps them tone skin, restore elasticity
  • Helps to detoxify their body