Maui Bliss Facials

A Luxurious completely personalized skin care ritual. Utilizing pure organic ingredients, the fragrance and healing power of exotic flowers and wild herbs, this facial uncovers your glowing, revitalized skin. Includes Facial massage cupping for gentle lymphatic drainage to firm, tone, stimulate collagen and detoxifies skin followed by layered facial masks, facial, neck, shoulder, arm and head massage.

Longer sessions may also include- LED light, Microcurrent, Gua Sha + Jade roller, High frequency and other modalities that are custom tailored for the results you wish to achieve.

~  Your blissful experience ends with hot, herb-infused towels on your feet and hot towel neck stretch. ~

  •  60 Minute  Basic Facial  $85.00

  • 90 Minute Facial with LED or Micro-current - $125.00

  • 100 minute Non-Surgical Facelift-Holistic Rejuvenation $145

  • 90 minute Acne Facial with LED light, High frequency  $125

  • 35 minute Just Facial Cupping  $60

  • 120 Minute Massage- Facial package - $160

  • Back Facial 60 minute with extractions - $85

  • Back facial 80 minute with extractions - $115