Pavita Skin Care

"Pavita” means purity in Sanskrit. Pure Organic Skincare Handcrafted in California “My passion is to enhance people’s lives with holistic vibrant skin care that restores youthful beauty and delivers exceptional results”

I Believe That FRESH is Best!

You’ll be delighted with Pavita’s “made with Aloha” quality. You’ve found the real thing, about as far from mass-manufacture as you can get.

Being a purist, with chemical sensitivities, I hand-craft Pavita in small batches, using only the highest quality, wild crafted and organic, anti-aging, vibrant, pure ingredients I would want to use on my skin, completely free of any toxic chemicals. I love sharing these exquisite creations with you so you may achieve healthy, radiant and youthful skin.

Pavita products are very concentrated; – a little goes a long way Botanical products are most potent when freshly made. For best results, use shortly after purchase. Keep in a cool place out of sun. “People tested by friends that consider themselves lucky” Sustainable, Supports Indigenous cultures, Minimal packaging.

Contains NO GMO’s – Parabens –Phenoxyethanol Sodium Laureth Sulfate – Synthetic Dyes or Fragrance – Petro-Chemicals – Toxic Preservatives

pavita skin care

~ Please contact me to order facial and body care products. I would be happy to custom blend aromatherapy formulas for body, facial or bath products, or use blends my clients have loved for years. ~

Pavita Price List

pavita skin care stone

Botanical Cleanser - Mask        

All skin types

Effective cleansing herbal powder or Grommage

Mix with your choice of liquid,  Purified water or Herbal Tea.

5 gm. $8

30 gm $24

Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk - Gentle Facial Cleansing Gel   

For all skin types                  

30 ml $12

60ml  $19

Hawaiian Honey Lift

Raw Hawaiian Honey & pomegranate extract  

Nourishes, deep cleanses & repairs skin damage   

30 ml $24

60 ml $40

Holistic Rejuvenation Facial Oil


Combination of Organic Aromatherapy Essential oils and Rare and Precious oils

including Tamanu renowned in the Pacific for its ability to restore elasticity,

and Rose hip oil with proven ability to reverse skin damage.


Mix 3-4 drops with Vital mist. Absorbs instantly, to your skin for a radiant glow.

(Remarkable cream may also be added)


Sacred Earth Holistic Rejuvenation Oil

Deep, Earthy, Grounding like a walk in the forest, 

5ml $20

15ml $60


Maui Bliss Holistic Rejuvenation oil

Exotic uplifting Hawaiian Meadow

5ml $20

15ml $60

Remarkable Cream

Rich yet light cream, nourishes revitalizes all skin types                            

15ml  $34

   30ml  $66

50ml  $104

Vital Mist

Vital Mist  in Rose Essence or Neroli flower.

Uplifting, hydrating, toning. May be used alone or mixed with cream or  facial oils to distribute them on facial skin.

30ml  $12

60 ml $20

Balance Toner

Helps to balance combination or oily skin

30ml $12

60ml  $20

Breakout Solution

Just a drop helps heal breakouts

2ml $10

4ml $19

Body & Massage Oils

Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower oil and Organic essential oils.

Stress Relief Synergy

Hawaii in a Bottle

Cellulite Treatment Blends

30 ml    $15

60 ml     $26

Liona Shareing - Clinical Aromatherapist

Custom  blending

1 oz to 4 oz. from $15 and up depending on the cost of requested essential oils and complexity of your blend.